1) Put the contents of http://www.elitegrounds.net onto your web page.
2) Copy and paste information from http://www.elitegrounds.net and use to create "your own" document. However, your allowed rephrase the document as long as you give http://www.elitegrounds.net credit.
3) Forward an e-mail to another recipient without permission.
4) Copy and paste resources http://www.elitegrounds.net onto your own webpage.
5) Copy and paste logos, icons, and other graphics from http://www.elitegrounds.net onto your webpage. I might allow permission if you ask.
6) You do not have the right to insult, threat, or harm anyone who uses http://www.elitegrounds.net. http://www.elitegrounds.net is to be used as a help source for whoever needs it, and if someone feels they cannot use it because of someone threatening them, action will be taken. If you choose to hurt other people's feelings while using our website, we are able to notify whomever necessary.
7) You agree that all the content on http://www.elitegrounds.net is used for educational purposes only and none of it should be used illegally to harm others or other's property. If you fail to acknowledge this rule, anyone related with http://elitegrounds.net is not to be held responsible for your actions.


1) Use free graphics on the http://www.elitegrounds.net. (will be stated)
2) Add a link to http://www.elitegrounds.net


Before you use our site, make sure you understand all of our policies. If you do not, please contact a member of the Staff, so there is no confusion between you and these terms.

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